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9/23/2012 6:03:57 PM
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Voluntary Work

Hi everybody,

I would like to share that I am doing volunteer work over the weekend when I have free time. I've been cooking and serving food for the homeless at the shelter program I volunteered for. It feels great to help someone in need. I've been struggling with high blood pressure for awhile since my job is a security guard. After 2 months of doing this kind of volunteer work;  recently, I went to see a doctor and he told my blood pressure is way down.  I guessed volunteer work is good for my health and helped me sleep better at night.  If you see this message and have free time in your local community, help people in anyway you can. Trust me, you will feel a lot better. Peace.

12/12/2012 1:58:07 PM
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Re: Volunteer Work

 You're a good man. Yeah, we need to help the homeless around Christmas. I am going to donate some can foods to the homeless. We need to help each other because we don't know when it might happen to us.  Namaste.

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