Focus on the Present     Connect to Nature  
    Find Your Place of Harmony     Be of Service  
    Find Your Purpose       Having Gratitude  
  Saying Mantras is Good     Self-Awareness  
  Being Grounded To Earth     Forgiveness  
    How to Read Aura       Higher Self Exercise  
  Thoughts are energy     What is a Light Worker ?  
  How to Find Peace     How to Stop Absorbing
Other People's Energy
  How to be Happy     Create Good Karma  
    Indian Spirituality       Getting Beyond Ego  
    Guardian Angels       Human Consciousness Shift  
  How to be Spiritually Balanced     The Cause of Suffering  
    Dream Interpretation       The Wisdom of Trees  

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     Spiritual Works offers you the tools and information you need to meditate, heal, discover yourself, create a sacred space and help you bring inner peace to oneself. We hope by bringing greater awareness, you will be able to live in harmony with yourself and others. Your feedbacks and comments will be helpful and welcomed.


Once you have your own self in order, then you can help others to do the same.

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