Memories of Lemuria - Do you have any?

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6/12/2014 7:32:26 AM
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Memories of Lemuria - Do you have any?

Blessings Divine and Many to you for your interest and time in this humble, little thread.

(Be warned, this does get a teensy bit long winded, and I do apologize for that.)

Now, onto the real meat and potatoes of this post!

I'm sure that everyone and their pet parakeet has heard of "Atlantis" thanks to Plato (though that's sooo not the right place or time for that continent or peoples).
What I'm hoping for here is for whatever memories and information you wish to share about, not what Plato wrote or some other ancient Greecian, Roman, whatever writer, but about the places of Lemuria / Mu and whatever other names they are known by. Not modern interpretations by us, but the actual places that existed a long time ago. Those huge cities, the outposts, the tech-makers, the politicians, the crystal caves, the councils, etc.
(FYI - Both Lemuria and Atlantis did exist waayyy back when. They were two very different continents, energies, and peoples.)

I'm not entirely certain why, but I'm getting a heavy nudging by my guides to look into this particular subject (lol for about the umpteenth time over the years).
Whatever information about way back when that you wish to share, that you feel like sharing, please do. Perhaps, together, we can help provide one another with answers we've been searching for, or to simply learn something new about these old places we didn't know before now.

I've recalled past lives over the years (though the most fun things are to recall them with someone you knew in a past life that you are currently speaking with in this life!), and, like quite a few of you around here, have lived in Lemuria (and/or Atlantis, though I only went to Atlantis for a few visits. I couldn't stay because the intense energy from those crystal-packed caves would overwhelm me and make me sick). Lemuria / Mu, whatever you choose to call them by.

Now, the thing is, with the meeting of a past life friend in this life (who was a friend of both myself and my husband from a lifetime in Lemuria), I keep getting "nudged" to look into Lemuria and Atlantis. (For several reasons I won't get into here, I'm in no mood to do any astral travelling or meditation on it.)
So, I'm wondering, where are the most accurate sources of information (and pictures if possible) about that time and places?
I do know a bit from my own memories, about the crystal caves on Atlantis (since one of my friends worked there and seemed to totally enjoy it), about how my husband would work out in the boundary outside of the main city (?) of Lemuria, where the forest and the really big wall was to keep the city safe from wild animals, I know about there being stargates (not sure what they're really called, but from my own seeing them, and three different people I've spoken to have called them that), about that one time there was a meeting held inside of a large crystal building (can't remember what it was about but know it was important, but only select people could go to it, not everyone), I know I was a tech-maker, loved to come up with new pieces of technology (at least the innerworkings for them, all the circuitry I enjoyed working with).
I know a few bits and pieces otherwise, but, for the most part, from what I've heard from others. About how it was originally a serene, peaceful place but the people got corrupt and Lemuria sank (I heard from my friend that Atlantis was purposely sealed off and sunk into the sea because it was so dangerous, but it wasn't destroyed because it was such a huge threat).

So, what do YOU remember? Remember who you were in that time and place? What have you felt, sensed, astral travelled to about this ancient time and place?


Preferably from those people who, like myself, remember living there so long ago.

Super short version - Anyone know where I can find accurately depicted pictures or descriptions from Lemuria? (Not all super mystical and glowy and supernatural that doesn't really look like the place at all. Nor am I talking about where it was or may have been on a map of the world. I'm talking about pictures of the actual place. The cities. The clothing. The buildings. etc. Like, for example, if you walked out of your home right now and looked around with your physical eyes, what would you see? Trees. Buildings. Sky. Grass. That's the sort of imagery I'm on the hunt for... if it exists. )
I'd kinda prefer if it came from a 'I remembered this because I lived there in the past' source, instead of a 'I'm using my super awesome medium psychic powers to look into the past and see these things' sort of source.

And, of course, anything you'd like to share about that ages-old continent would be lovely. <3

Longer version with explaination -
I've recalled lots of past lives by now. A handfull of them, specifically, have been on Lemuria, or Mu or whatever name you personally choose to call it by.
I haven't thought much of them in the past, since my memories largely consist of the person side of what I can recall, not what the buildings and cities and vehicles and whatnot looked like.
The thing is, with this most recent past life I was able to recall, I got this really big urge to know what it looked like. I can see... little bits. Little pieces. But not any specific details.
What really got my curiousity up was a piece of it. I could see out in the forest, above the treetops. There was the very top of a single, tall building. I don't know why, but I want to know what that building was.

It clicked in my head with this past life I recalled that, at one point, the city or cities (think it's cities) didn't have the tall walls around them to protect them from the animals in the surrounding forests.
In the first Lemurian past life I remembred, my husband from that life (who I actually met in this present life) was one of the guards who worked out at the wall / fence / border (whatever you want to call it). He died one day out there, doing his job, because of an animal attack.

Also from that life, I remember the street I lived on. It was simple, but pretty. Smallish houses, but comfortably spaced, a walkway leading down through the grass to the street. Just across from the street was some sort of waterway with a street of its own and a house layout almost the same as the side I was living on.

Not so long ago, I posted on here, asking for help trying to identify what sort of building it was that I kept seeing the inside of from a past life memory I had. Come to find out, it was the inside of a healing building in one of the cities. It was simple, but clean, prestine, welcoming. The healers that were there, myself included (with the rare exception of a few others) all had white hair.
The thing is, I have no clue what the outside of it looked like.
I remember that these 'healing buildings' were sprinkled throughout each of the cities. Just as common as grocery stores or gas stations are in our own towns these days. But, yet again, I have no idea what they looked like.

I don't know if this is simple curiousity on my part, or me needing to look into this for some bigger reason I don't understand yet. Or maybe some combination of the two.

There's a lot about Lemuria I don't know, and yes, sure I guess I could go and look up some medium's book about it, but maybe it's laziness, maybe it's a bit of distrust on my part, but I tend to steer clear of those 'give me money and I'll give you information' items. Doesn't exactally seem like the most ...pure and trustworthy of sources. [edited to remove big rant that wasn't really needed here] But, hey, that's just me.

Anywho, I was wondering, anyone know where I can find any sources for this sort of information / pictures? I'd appreciate it (and you'd help to quiet my uber curious side lol)

Thanks for your time!

Feel free to share, and may you be always greeted with compassion, understanding, and respect all of the days you exist.

6/14/2014 9:04:55 PM
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Re: Memories of Lemuria - Do you have any?

 Check youtube

6/25/2014 9:27:12 AM
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Re: Memories of Lemuria - Do you have any?

Guest, you suck. Go away. such rudeness.

6/29/2014 10:43:51 PM
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Re: Memories of Lemuria - Do you have any?

What learned is that Hawaii was a little part of Lemuria, which is most of continent sank a long time ago. I don' t know if it true, maybe you should take look in it. Not sure about pictures.  Namaste.

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