Shamanic Healing


How Shamanism is used for healing
    The ability to achieve and control a trance is the result of cumulative conditioning and mental training. There is a gradual progression from ordinary consciousness to deeper levels of fixation that must be learned, thus healing is only sucessful when a series of sessions is completed. Wide spectrums of trance levels exist ranging from slight detachment to a total removal of one's inhibitions. In deep hypnotic states, where most practical Shamanic journeying occurs, it is possible to control one's own body temperature, heart rate, blood flow, and digestion. People react differently to the sensations of shamanic flight; individuals may experience vivid imagery, events from their past, or utter relaxation. Physical, emotional, and spiritual crisis are parts of being terminally ill or having cancer that may be mitigated with shamanistic healing. There is evidence for the efficacy of therapies such as shamanism in improving the quality of life in the terminally ill and cancer patients. The active participation of the patient in the therapy promotes emotional healing and coping skills. Patients that suffer from hypertension or problems associated with stressful life styles can use shamanic methods to gain control over their physical and emotional wellness. Further, the mentally ill and sufferers of depression may find that shamanism is an ancient tradition that in modern times help them to live a normal lifestyle.

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