Wisdom Keepers



The survival of traditional indigenous peoples and their cultures depends on keeping ancient wisdom alive.

Many traditional elders received their training in ways that are no longer possible or available in our contemporary world. Many have passed on or are soon to leave this world. Some will be the last in their tribe, with a long lineage of medicine people behind them and no one to pass their knowledge down to.

Global materialism and the devastation of addictions, racism and poverty - severe in some indigenous tribes and a plague that threatens all Natives of the younger generations - are long known to be problems that have been perpetuated by the actions and values of the Western world. These things are creating discouraged, angry young people, many who have completely lost interest in traditional practices or in sustaining their cultural heritage... their very life-blood. Additionally, many young people no longer have elders - or even adults - to guide them. Conversely, throughout the world there are places where there is a strong cultural revival developing. Inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of a growing number of spirited young people who want to know more about their heritage and culture, indigenous elders around the globe are enthusiastically sharing their wisdom and even requesting that recordings be made of their teachings so that they can preserve their knowledge for the future generations.

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