When you feel your troubles are weighing you down and feel out of sync with the world, it is time for a spiritual cleansing. All kinds of problems can pile up like pockets of negativity within us until our perspective is distorted. There’s no better way to cleanse and renew than by taking a bath.


1. Take one yellow, white and red rose or flower. Pull the petals from then center of each flower and add them into the gallon pot used for cooking. The yellow petal is for wealth, white for peace and red represents love.

2. Pour one gallon of water into a pot and add a table spoon of honey and a stick of cinnamon. This represents the attraction that is missing and needs to be restored.

3. Let all items come to a quick boil and close the heat.

4. When the water has cooled, strain and remove all the items from mixture leaving only the water.

5. Divide the water as equally as possible into three containers which will be used for three days. You may refrigerate or leave at room temperature.

6. The bath should be used starting preferably on a Tuesday or Friday for three consecutive days. So if you start on a Tuesday, follow through on Wednesday and Thursday.

7. After your normal bath or shower. Dry yourself completely from head to toe and take one of the containers and pour it over your body. It's ok to add a little warm water to the mixed water to your liking. Try praying and thanking the divine for all that you have and what you which to obtain.

8. Dry yourself with a clean white towel. You could also use a clean white bed sheet. Preferably one that hasn't been used and go on with your day. Repeat the bath for the next two days

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