Choosing to commute to work on a bicycle is a great idea for many reasons. One of the main reasons people choose to cycle is for the health benefits that it provides.

By riding your bike you:

Reduce air pollution in your County
Save money
Based on an hourly wage of $10.00, a motorist must work 300 hours per year to pay for his or her annual commute. A bicyclist only has to work about 30 hours per year to operate his or her bike.

Environmental Benefits of Cycling - Fewer people cycle per capita in the U.S. than in many other parts of the world, and the U.S. is a leader in petroleum consumption. These high levels of consumption are leading to many negative effects on the environment, such as increased emissions of harmful gases including:
Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Monoxide
Nitrous Oxide
Volatile Organic Compounds
Sulfur hexafluoride

These emissions are believed to be causing warming through the "greenhouse effect", depletion of the ozone layer, and a reduction in general air quality. Vehicles also cause noise pollution.

Health Benefits of Cycling
Increased Fitness - Through cycling, you will be able to increase your heart and lung fitness, as well as your strength and stamina.
Weight Loss - The general population of the U.S. is becoming increasingly obese. Cycling is a great way to help lose weight. You will burn fat as you cycle, which will help you look and feel better.
Stress Reduction - Exercise in general has been shown to decrease anxiety and stress levels, and bicycling is a fun way to exercise. Keeping yourself out of traffic jams will also help in reducing stress.
Heart Benefits - Studies have shown that regular exercise, such as cycling, lowers your risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.
Lowered Risk of Other Health Problems - In addition to heart disease, regular exercise can also help you to avoid other health problems such as non-insulin dependent diabetes, osteo arthritis and osteoporosis. Exercise also relieves symptoms of depression and increases your mental health.
Increased Life Expectancy - The end result of having better health through cycling is that you will live a longer and happier life!

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