Carpooling saves you money on gas, car care, and parking permit fees. By sharing the commuter expense, everyone in the carpool saves money. There are several ways carpooling can save you money. These are just a couple of examples, such as higher gas prices and reduced car mileage, which in turn saves on your mechanical expense. The cost for the parking permit will be shared by all those that are carpooling, thus reducing the individual expense.

Commute with Friends or Make New Friends
You will find the ride to school during peak traffic hours and congestion more enjoyable while talking and sharing the commute with friends.

Easier Parking Conditions
Carpooling commuters will find it easy to park on campus.

Reduced Insurance Rates
Most insurance companies offer discounted rates to their customers that can prove they are in a carpooling program and they do not use their car for work or school. The Parking Department encourages all individuals to contact their insurance carrier to inquire what type of discounts they will receive.

Protect the environment
By becoming a carpooler, you will also be doing a service to help our environment. As we all know, less cars on the roads means less traffic congestion resulting in less pollution to our environment. In addition, fewer cars on the road will also result in less auto and pedestrian accidents, less congestion, and less stress.

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