Dance has always been the universal spiritual practice in every ancient civilization and culture. Dancing was used in rituals to connect with the spirit worlds, by invoking the quality of specific spirits through the mind and body of the shaman or priest.

The sacred ceremony or ritual included a clear intention, movements and breathing patterns to create a specific vibration that resonates with the Spirit. When a resonance is achieved, the Spirit would "enter" the dancers and empower them.

There are also health benefits of dancing

1. It gives strength to the lung and the heart.

2. It strengthens the body muscles.

3. It minimizes the chances of the disease osteoporoses as it makes the bones stronger.

4. It increases the flexibility, agility and the coordination in the body.

5. It increases the awareness of spatial.

6. It enhances physical confidence.

7. It enhances the functionality of mind and the nervous system.

8. It enhances the expenditure of energy and its flow in the body.

9. It can help you loose weight.

10. It enhances the overall well being.

11. It increases the levels of self-esteem and confidence.

12. It improves your social outlook.

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