Don't Litter

What can I do to stop litter?

So glad you asked! Here are a few ideas:

First, don’t litter. Set a good example for your friends, kids and neighbors. Even an apple core is considered litter.

Never throw trash out of your car window. Also, be aware when driving with your windows open. Loose items like paper or candy wrappers can fly out easily.

Place a bag in your car to collect personal trash (or recyclables) instead of tossing them.

At home, secure the lids on your trash and recycling containers, especially when you set them out on collection day.

When recycling at the curb, secure or bundle loose papers and other light objects tightly so they won’t get carried away with the wind.

Secure loads and remove trash from the back of your pickup truck. Even larger items can fly out when you are traveling at high speeds. This is also very dangerous.

If you smoke, never throw your cigarette butts on the ground. Cigarette butts, while small, actually constitute a large part of existing litter.

Get involved in a community clean up. KAB affiliates organize regular clean-up programs. It’s an easy way to see the problem first-hand and to do something about it. Find an affiliate near you.

If you see litter, pick it up. Even if it’s one chip bag or straw wrapper – that’s one less piece of litter on the street. Clean up after your dog. Yes, that’s litter too!

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