Follow Your Bliss Meditation


1. Sit in your cushion at your meditation space. Breathe for five minutes.

2. Recall moments in your life when you feel real joy. Sometimes, it could be a time when your young. Imagine you are in that moment again. How do you feel about the experience?

3. Imagine in such a way you can live that experience. If you have a job you hate and wish to live your bliss. Imagine how can you make that bliss into reality. You can discard all other people's judgements or approval. Ask yourself why are you alive and your purpose and born to do.

4. Imagine you are living your greatest joy regardless the possibility. Contemplate on how you can make it possibility and when you decide to make that happen. You can decide to bring more joy in your life from small to big.

5. End the meditation session by breathing for few minutes.

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