Healthy Drinks


Whatever foods or drinks you consume, they affect your state of conscious. Healthy drinks can bring your lower state to a higher state of conscious. Here are some suggestions below.

Drinking water in a natural state is the best. If you drink water freshly drawn from a river or a well, the water still contain the natural life force in them and if you look at the water under a microscope, they contain sacred geometry water crystals, meaning it is natural. The next best choice is you can drink from a bottle containing spring water or artesian water, which has a much higher life force than processed water or reversed osmosis water.

You can also drink fruit and vegetable juice because it contains a high life force, provided that you consumed the drink within 20 minutes. If you drink it at a later time, the spirit of the fruit or vegetable leaves because you had pulverized it in a blender, eventually leaving no life force. Drinking frozen or condensed juice has no life force. Organic fruits and vegetables contains a higher life force than non-organic juice.

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