Power Bars


Energy bars provide a convenient, portable snack or meal replacement for people who normally eat a healthy diet. Endurance athletes also use these supplements before, during and after lengthy workouts to improve their performance. The bars provide varying amounts of calories, fat, protein, sugar and other ingredients so consumers should read labels carefully to determine if a particular brand meets their nutritional needs.


Alternative energy sources, such as gels, shakes and energy bars, provide a convenient way to meet an individual's nutritional needs on an occasional basis. A person with a busy lifestyle may decide to eat an energy bar instead of skipping a meal or eating fast food. Energy bars also make an appropriate snack for a long-distance walk, run or bicycle ride to help avoid an energy deficit. Since energy bars do not require utensils, preparation or refrigeration, people can store them in the car, gym bag or carry-on luggage for a quick snack or occasional meal replacement.

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