Depending on your particular faith, you may choose different talismans. Some people choose to sprinkle holy water around their home, while others prefer to burn sage or cedar and "smudge" marks of protection throughout. Regardless of your choice, there are several basic steps for completion of the process of spiritually cleansing your home.

1. Prepare yourself emotionally for the ceremony. Shower and cleanse your own body and put on fresh, comfortable clothing. Take a few minutes to meditate or pray, based upon your particular faith base. Ask for clarity and visualize positive images. One powerful meditation tool is to visualize ahead of time that the house is free of the forces that concern you.

2. Begin the cleansing by walking from room to room in your home. With each room, you should say the same prayer or mantra and do the same action with your talisman. If you are using holy water, sprinkle it throughout the room while saying, for example, “God’s peace be in this home and in all who live here.” If you are burning sage or cedar, move the sage around, allowing light smoke to dissipate within the room.

3. Smudge sage on the entryways of the rooms as you enter. This means taking the tip of the burning sage and lightly touching the door frame, leaving a small amount of ash. You may also smudge significant spaces, such as over beds or photos.

4. Walk from room to room, from the first floor to upper floors, completing the task. When you are finished, return to the place you began the task. It is important that you close the cleansing by verbalizing prayers or meditations. Thank the powers you called upon for cleansing the space. Declare the space is now filled with light, love and happiness. 

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