Green Tea

Drinking green tea helps your mind to be more calm, clear and relaxed. Green tea can be of help quite a bit, especially in one's spiritual path. It has been proven that a healthy body is a sign of a healthy mind, also one of the property's of green tea is its meditation practice.

In a spiritual way, you can look at this as a detox, cleansing yourself of the bad things inside, and starting over, a new start, which brings you to the Buddhism part of this; Buddha translates as "Awakened One"

It has been around for over 4,000 years, we might have heard more about it previously. Many foods and drinks have been used in other countries for centuries and only now are we truly looking into the value found in many fruits, juices and teas.

The fact that it improves our immune system alone is reason enough to consider a daily regime of green tea. This goes further to include protection with heart issues and of all things, it protects us from cavities. Think of it as the tea plant in the raw state rather than in an overly processed one which turns the leaves black and yields black tea. So it makes sense that in the more natural state, you are getting the benefits first hand and in a more concentrated manner.

So what is in that green leaf? A high level of Vitamin C tops the list of ingredients along with B2, Vitamin K, Vitamin D and beta-carotine. There are also four kinds of antioxidants working for you and these plant chemicals yield positive results.

Conclusion, if you have time, drink tea in your practice. It is very beneficial in one's practice from body, mind, and to spirit. 

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