Walk-Ins or Wanderers

Walk-ins are people from other dimensions who have walked in to the body of a person on earth. In all cases there is a pre-birth contract for this to occur.

Some walk-ins come into much younger bodies, but this is more the exception than the rule. When a child walk-in occurs, it is because the soul coming in needs the experiences of childhood and adolescence as a foundation for their mission. Childhood and adolescent walk-ins usually don’t awaken until they reach adulthood. More often than not, walk-ins step in when the host soul has reached adulthood. This allows them to utilize the maturity and life experience gained by the host soul.

There are the types of walk-ins:

Full soul exchange - The host soul vacates the body.
Soul braid - the host soul receives and braids with the incoming walk-in soul for a specific length of time.
Stasis walk-in - The least common of walk-ins and the one requiring the most experience. Most often used by the ancient time healers. A stasis walk-in in one whose body is in stasis on their home world while their consciousness projects into our world and animates a body that the host soul has vacated. The walk-in soul will leave the body during the sleeps state in order to return home to carry on their other life. This type of walk-in is temporary and lasts for the duration of a mission. The host soul can return once the walk-in’s mission is complete. The host soul is usually a time healer as well.

Indications of a walk-in are:

Usually occur during a traumatic event in the host soul’s life such as a severe illness or a car accident. Many come in during a near death experience. This is the most common way for walk-ins to exchange places, but it is not the only way. Yet, most all cases the walk-in occurs when the host is unconscious. Sudden onset of physical pain in the neck and shoulders that wasn’t there before the walk-in. Feel like an impostor within the family.
Loss of coordination and memory lapses. Trouble with speech.
Sudden change in tastes such as food, clothing and decor.
Sudden loss of interest in career and hobbies. New ones are found along with a sudden interest in all things spiritual.
Sudden change in relationships with family and friends. Some relationships become distant while others get stronger.
Divorce occurs usually within 2 - 3 years after the walk-in has arrived.
Strong knowing that they have a mission to accomplish though they may not remember what it is at the present time.
Some walk-ins have memories of their home world or ship.
Walk-ins usually carry the Crystal Gene.
Many feel drawn to do grid and vortex work.

Walk-ins have a more challenging role on earth because they have spent most of their incarnation on another plane of existence and then come to earth in the middle to later part of that incarnation.


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