Altar Table
An altar does not belong to any one religion or practice. An altar is a place to which one comes to honor the sacred and to deepen one's experience. Altars can include objects that are perceived to be holy or sacred.

Table Lamp
A table lamp assists the mood and lighting for the sacred space setting.


You use the bookshelf to store your favorite spiritual books and any others items that you consider sacred.


Altar Cloth
You put your ritual items on the altar cloth when setting it on the altar table.

  Meditation Cushions
Meditation cushion that minimizes the discomforts of sitting.

Meditation Benches
Its padded cushion provides comfort under your sit bones during long seated meditation sessions.


Confortable Rug
It provides warm and comfort for you when you are meditating, reading, and praying.


Music Player (optional) can be ipod + speaker or stereo system

You use the music player to play your favorite music in your sacred space.
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