Types of Sacred Space


      Your Sacred Space is of your own design. You may choose a piece of cloth of special meaning or beautiful color on which to put a variety of objects. Pictures of family, friends, teachers are a nice way to honor those who have inspired you or helped you on your journey. If you have a particular faith, you may want to add a religious symbol such as a cross, bible, Jesus, angels, and mandalas. Other items that may include are stones, crystals, bells, singing bowls, and Art.  Items collected from nature: feathers, rocks, stones, and plants are also appropriate additions for your Sacred Space. Candles are very useful for adding soothing light to your Sacred Space. If you seek privacy, you may hang a curtain or have a room divider for your Space from the rest of the room. The flooring may include a special rug to define an area of the room for your Sacred Space.

  Zen Sacred Space   Angel Sacred Space  




  New Age Sacred Space   Meditation Sacred Space  




  Pagan Sacred Space   Jesus Sacred Space  




  Medicine Wheel Sacred Space   Buddha Sacred Space  




  Beach Sacred Space   Zen Outdoor Sacred Space  





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