Chakra Meditation Videos


  Root Chakra - Location is at the base of the spine. Description - Grounding, stability, physical needs, security, survival, manifestation, material world. Watch this video to help your root chakra meditation.    
  Sacral Chakra - Location is beneath the navel. Description - Emotions, relationships, sexuality, self worth, creativity, empathy. Meditation video for the sacral chakra.    
  Solar Plexus - Location is the pancreas and outer adrenal glands. Description - Personal power, will, energy, metabolism, effectiveness, self esteem, social identity, happiness. This video focus on the solar plexus chakra.    
  Heart Chakra - Location is Thymus. Description - Love, understanding, trust, hope, openness, compassion, balance, forgiveness.  Video for heart chakra meditation.    
  Throat Chakra - Location is parallel the thyroid gland. Description - Communication, sound, vibration, self-Expression, listening, speaking, writing. Watch this video for the throat chakra meditation.    
  Third Eye - Location is pineal gland. Description - Psychic abilities, channeling, telepathy, astral travel, visions, connections to higher self. Meditation video for the third eye.    
  Crown Chakra - Location is top of head. Description - Universal consciousness, all knowing, cosmic connection, the god source, enlightenment, gateway to other dimensions. Meditation video for the crown chakra.    
  Cleansing Chakra - Watch this video if you feel you need to cleanse some impurities in certain chakra, concentrate on those points by visualizing light running through it before each meditation session.    


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