In order for you to get started, Spiritual Works would like to provide an outline of what we will cover and hope to accomplish at the end.

  Table of Contents    
  Mind - Learn the difference between Minds.    
  Three Bodies and Divine - We will explain the three bodies: physical, astral, and casual.    
  Chi and Chakra System - Covers the 7 chakras or energy centers.    
  Blockages - Can't feel happy or a full person? We explain the blockages: physical, energy, mental-emotional, and karma.    
  Chakra - You may encounter blockages in certain chakras. We will explain the symptoms and imbalances.    
  Cleansing yourself - What to do to purify your energy.    
  Foods - What foods that can help you increase your energy in certain chakras.    
  Crystals - This page list the crystals you can use on each particular chakra.    
  Meditation Basics - What you need to get started.    
  Opening and Closing Chakra - Learning how to control chakra.    
  Harmony - At peace with oneself.    
  Protection - Why protection is needed.    
  Walk the Path - You can read Buddha Teachings (optional). You can learn whatever suits you: Bible, Koran, Torah, Tao Te Ching, Mother Nature, and other or life.    
  Chart Measurement - Where you are at.    
  Further studies - Recommended books, videos, and audio.    


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