At this stage of awareness, all seven chakras are opened. There are no blockages and Chi is correctly flowing through the whole body. Each chakra is able to receive Chi and able nourish the body as long as the flow remain pure throughout the whole body. You are closer to nature or the Divine. You are aligned with the Universe. You are at peace with oneself and know your place in the Universe. When you reached your inner peace, that is when you feel bliss. If you still feel out of balance, unhappy, or insufficient in energy, you will need to meditate more and practice until all the chakras are in harmony, clear of blockages and remain opened. After that, your mind, body, and spirit are at peace.



   During this stage of awareness, you will notice the infinite spiritual potential that lies dormant within you. When this dormant power becomes active, your thoughts, actions, and consciousness become very inspired and powerful. At this state, you have awakened the sleeping giant. It is like all the flood gates are opened, you manifest as high voltage energy that causes you experience a heightened state of awareness and capabilities. The feeling you have will be like a high surge of energy passing through your spinal cord from the bottom base and upwards to the brain. Word of caution, this high level of energy might overload your chakra system. One must not raise this energy too early. When your chakra system is ready, a natural awakening will occur.


   You will feel a hot and ice cold currents moving up and down your spine. There will be a sensations like a snake tingling up your spine, abdomen, neck and head. You will have a stiffness in your neck, accompanied by headaches. Your breathing and pulse will increase. Your senses to sound, light, and smells heightened. You have visions of angels, saints, and sages. You have a floating sensation, but if this frightening, you practice visualizing yourself grounding to the floor first. You are sleepless and feel you have adbundant amount of energy. You have desire for solitude. Your joy and bliss is intense, but if you are awakened too early, you have periods of deep depression. You have flashes of inspiration and innovative ideas.

Here is a short video of the 7 chakras opened.

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