Level of Consciousness Chart

Omega View Life View Level Emotion Process Log
 Self  Is  Enlightenment  Ineffable  Pure Consciousness  700-1000
 All Being  Perfect  Peace  Bliss  Illumination  600
 One  Complete  Joy  Serenity  Transfiguration  540
 Loving  Benign  Love  Reverence  Revelation  500
 Wise  Meaningful  Reason  Understanding  Abstraction  400
 Merciful  Harmonious  Acceptance  Forgiveness  Transcendence  350
 Inspiring  Hopeful  Willingness  Optimism  Intention  310
 Enabling  Satisfactory  Neutrality  Trust  Release  250
 Permitting  Feasible  Courage  Affirmation  Empowerment  200
 Indifferent  Demanding  Pride  Scorn  Inflation  175
 Vengeful  Antagonistic  Anger  Hate  Aggression  150
 Denying  Disappointing  Desire  Craving  Enslavement  125
 Punitive  Frightening  Fear  Anxiety  Withdrawal  100
 Disdainful  Tragic  Grief  Regret  Despondency  75
 Condemning  Hopeless  Apathy  Despair  Abdication  50
 Vindictive  Evil  Guilt  Blame  Destruction  30
 Despising  Miserable  Shame  Humiliation  Elimination  20


Where do you find your level of consciousness?

Where do you find your thoughts and feelings often in the chart? Remember that, every thought, feeling, and actions is in the level of consciousness you are in. When you shift your level of consciousness from one to the next, your perception and mentality will change.


Shame 1-20: Someone at this level feels humiliated and has low self esteem. One wishes to be in invisible and feels worthless. The person’s view of life at this state is misery.

Guilt 30: Feelings of blame and remorse. Used to conform to certain forms of thinking and behaviors. This level cultivates destruction.

Apathy 50: A state of despair and helplessness. Someone here is needy and dependent on others for help, such as the homeless, the poor, the aged population. This level is associated with abdication, which means to give up one’s power to others. The life-view here is hopelessness.

Grief 75: Feelings of regret, sadness and loss are abound here. Someone at grief sees despondency and bleakness all around the world and in life. The life-view is tragic. Grief is a higher level than apathy, because one starts feeling more energy at this level, albeit of sadness and loss.

Fear 100: Energy at this level is oriented in anxiety. At this level, one views everything uncertain as fearful and thus undergoes the state of withdrawal. Thus, fear prevents personal growth from taking place. Someone in the level of fear sees the world as frightening.

Desire 125: At the level of desire, the emotion of craving becomes dominant. We have people pursuing money and status as end goals for a better life. Addictions are outputs of desire, such as desire for food, video games, fun, sex, shopping, acquisition of money and power, etc. The life-view is disappointing, which ensues when one cannot obtain what one desires. Desire is a higher level than fear because the desire for something propels people forward to action, rather than withdraw to a corner.

Anger 150: The emotion at this level is hate. Anger expresses itself as resentment, frustration and even revenge.For examples include irritable and volatile behavior, short-temper.The process one undergoes is aggression. The life-view here is antagonistic, where one is hostile and unfriendly towards others.

Pride 175: At our current society, pride is a level that is encouraged and seen as positive. People form pride based on possessions and external conditions, and it is vulnerable because such conditions can be removed at any point in time. Pride results in denial and arrogance. At pride, one undergoes inflation of ego rather than being able to see things objectively. The life-view here is demanding.

Courage 200: Affirmation is the key emotion here. This is the first waking point where one starts to wake from his/her sleepwalker status. At courage one sees the world as exciting and filled with possibilities. One undergoes empowerment here. This marks the start of active pursuit of growth – where there exists a gap, the person will act to fill it. The life-view is feasible – anything is manageable since the person is able to harness power to deal with situations in life. People in the higher levels >200 recognize that their happiness and life lies within them.

Neutrality 250: The emotion at this level is trust and safety. Here, people are non-judgmental, objective and able to see things as they truly are. The process is one of release of everything, and the life-view is satisfactory, where anything goes. These people are easy to get along; however they are difficult to engage towards causes and visions because they are detached towards everything.

Willingness 310: Optimism runs high here. At Willingness, the individual is open to do anything and everything – he/she is not bounded by others’ judgments or by limitations.The process one undergoes here is of intention to do anything. The life-view is hopefulness. At this level you have people who perform extremely well in their careers in corporations, start-ups; however the question then comes as to whether they are investing their energy in the best way.

Acceptance 350: One finally realizes that he/she is THE creator and source of his/her life He/she is (1) aware of the social constructs present in one’s life, whether by family, society, nation, religion, work (2) able to discern against (limiting) beliefs, viewpoints and conditioning which he/she is surrounded with and (3) able to consciously craft his/her life above and beyond all these social constructs. Forgiveness is the dominant emotion. The process one undergoes is transcendence (above what one faces in life). The life-view here is harmonious.

Reason 400: The emotion is understanding and rationality. One seeks out huge amounts of information and analyzes them in detail before reaching conclusions. This is where the noble prize winners, leaders of science and medicine and great thinkers of history calibrate. However, Reason falls into the trap of overintellectualization in concepts and theories. This leads to the process of abstraction or preoccupation with data. The life-view is meaningful.

Love 500: This represents unconditional love – love that is pure, unfaltering, unwavering, not subjected to any external conditions. Reverence is the main emotion in the level of (unconditional) love. Unconditional love is inclusive of everyone and expands beyond self. This aspect is often linked with intuition. The process one undergoes is revelation. The life-view is benign, there is no separation, fear or negativity.

Joy 540: The dominant emotion is serenity and compassion. This is the inner joy that arises from every moment of existence rather than from an external source. This is the level where saints, advanced spiritual students and healers dwell. Individuals are motivated to dedicate themselves to the benefit of life rather than for specific individuals. Here, the process of transfiguration occurs (emanating of radiance from the person). The life-view the individual holds is completeness.

Peace 600: The emotion is bliss. At this level, there is no longer any distinction between yourself and other. People here become spiritual teachers, great geniuses in their field to effect great contribution for mankind. Everything is perceived as interconnected by an infinite presence. The process one undergoes is illumination. The life-view is perfect.

Enlightenment 700-1000: The emotion is ineffable or inexpressible. The greatest people of history have attained this level, such as Buddha, Jesus, and Mother Theresa. The process is described as pure consciousness. The life-view here is simply ‘Is‘. In achieving our highest potential and embracing our best lives, we should strive for the highest possible level, which is enlightenment.


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