The Ego Mind

   Ego is the illusion that you exist as a separate individual. It is the one which assumes the responsibility for the body. Ego takes on an identity such as name and what it thinks of itself relating to things and others. Whenever a problem comes to the body, ego becomes very alert and if danger exists, the more stronger the ego becomes. Ego is very afraid of death. Most of the time, people in general survive only for their ego, they had to struggle to be strong. All strength that a person have comes from the ego. This part of the ego which gives this strength is called will.


The Conscious Mind

   The conscious mind which is finite in nature is the mind that is connected to the physical world. It is the mind for day to day awareness. It is conscious that plays a vital and necessary role in every aspect of your life. The conscious mind helps plan, reason, think in logical processes. It is the mind that enable us to be conscious in the first place. The conscious mind limits our ability to see the bigger picture.


The Subconscious Mind

   The subconscious mind which is infinite in nature that is connected to the meta-physical. It is the mind that serves as the communication link to the Divine or Super Conscious mind also reffered as God, Universal energy, or labeled as the The Unified Field.


The Collective Consciousness

   The Collective Consciousness is made up of the individual consciousnesses of the population which serve collectively to form the reality from a physical perspective. The Collective Consciousness is also referred to as the Gaia Mind that attempts to keep you limited and in check. In check and limited as the vast majority is.


The Divine Mind

   The divine mind or Super consciousness mind is the One Mind, The whole of each individualized consciousness, each of which exists as an integral part of this "Divine Mind" differentiated only by individual ego and free will. It is the omniscient, omnipresent, all knowing and ever present Source which serves as and determines how every event, condition and circumstance, both the physical as well as the meta-physical.

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