Crown Chakra

The characteristics of a blocked chakra include indecisiveness, a sense of not belonging, fatigue. If this chakra is fully blocked, then you are cut off from life and live in great fear.

People who have this chakra completely blocked have rejected any notion of spirituality and fail to find any meaning in life beyond the physical although their higher self may consciously or unconsciously keep nagging them to do so. Challenges when crown chakra is not open or in balance are loneliness and meaninglessness.

You'll have experienced or will be experiencing some of the following; Withheld information, education that suppressed curiosity, forced religiosity, invalidation of one's beliefs, blind obedience (no right to question or think for oneself), misinformation, lies and spiritual abuse.


Look through the characteristics of both excessive and deficient energy flow;

You are too open to anyone who professes to be a religious or spiritual teacher. You may demand teachings that you are not ready to understand. You tend to practise excessively, but without any real understanding of the meaning of your practice. You may mortify your physical body with extreme practices, such as excessive fasting. You may have frightening visions and feel that God, angels, saints are talking only to you. You may feel light headed and dizzy and perhaps suffer from frequent headaches.

Deficient energy - Spins slow (no harmony)
You tend to have a total absence of faith. You think that people who do have are either fools or hypocrites. You may feel isolated, alienated and disconnected from the world. You may be bored and apathetic. Without the pull toward the high realms, your life may be stuck in the experiences of the lower chakras that deal primarily with survival and pleasure.


If this chakra is not very developed, you feel frustrated in your body and your place in life –for truly, without this chakra unfolding as it should, you have not reached your potential in life. You may not have very much lust for life and addictions are common.

Psychological Imbalances
Nightmares, Split personality, Memory disorders, Excessive gullibility, Multiple personalities

Physical Imbalances
Cancer, Epilepsy, Baldness, headache, depression, Alzheimer's, Brain tumors, Coma, migraines, delusions epilepsy, Pituitary problems, Parkinson's disease, Migraine headaches, amnesia, and cognitive stress, worry, hysteria, right-left brain, and chronic exhaustion

Physical Malfunctions
Coma, migraines, brain tumor,s amnesia, and cognitive delusions

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