Third Eye Chakra

When this sixth chakra experiences a blockage, one may suffer from frequent nightmares and headaches, poor eyesight, lack of concentration and sometimes even migraines.

If the 6th chakra is not balanced, you have the potential to be a cold intellectual who trusts only reason and logic and is manipulative when it comes to getting what you want.

When this chakra is blocked, you are undisciplined, an underachiever with a possible predisposition to schizophrenic breakdown.

Grief or personal pain may be a problem that is blocking this chakra.

Look through the characteristics of both excessive and deficient energy flow;

Excessive energy- Spins fast (no harmony)
You suffer from headaches, hallucinations, nightmares. You are so focused that your vision is narrow. You lack flexibility in thinking. You have a rigid, obsessive personality. You constantly evaluate yourself. You obsessively analyze every action and project negative outcomes. You suffer from delusions. You are too intellectual or detached from world. You lack the capacity to tune into your intuitive abilities or you might not trust them. As a result, you then to compensate by being highly logical, dogmatic, authoritarian and perhaps arrogant. You may have an overabundance of intellectual capacity but are lacking in compassion.

Deficient energy - Spins slow (no harmony)
You may have poor vision or other eye problems. You suffer from poor memory or tend to be foggy about details. You have difficulty in visualizing the outcome of your actions. You have difficulty in learning from your past experiences. You fear new ideas and new experiences. You lack self-discipline. You can not see things that are as plain as the nose on your face. You are inclinced to set your sights and your personal standards too low. THis stems from your lack of inner vision and imagination.


Physical Imbalances
Cancer, confusion, bad eyesight, Brain tumors, lack of clarity, mental illness, Sinus problems, Headaches (sinus), psychic exhaustion, Eye and visual problems, Central nervous system problems

Physical Malfunctions
Headaches, poor vision, bad dreams, ear problems, lack of focus, skull pressure, sinus problems

Psychological Imbalances
Paranoia, Fixations, Schizophrenia, Inability to focus, Severe retardation, Extreme confusion, Psychotic behavior, Poor visual memory, Intelligence deficiencies, Living in a fantasy world

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