Meditation Videos


  Ascension Meditation - In this video, you feel like your floating in the clouds. Watch this video when you feel your head is heavy or need sleep. First you need to clear thoughts, sit back, relax, and breathe.    
  Nature Meditation - Look at this video if you like nature. Listen to birds chirping and rain drops. Put your mind at ease and be in touch with nature.    
  Being Meditation - Watch this when you need that boost of energy. Just think of being the best you can be. Let go and go beyond and anything is possible.    
  Dreams Meditation - Want to day dream or space out, watch is video. Put your mind off and feel light.    
  Deep Relaxation Meditation - You can watch this when you are in the mood to relax. All you do is relax and then relax more.    
  Inner Peace Meditation - If you need a sense of peace, watch this video. If you having too much things on your mind, just sit and relax and try to reach your inner peace.    


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